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Phinelapha's Cakery

(pronounced fih-nel-luh-fuh)

What is Phinelapha's Cakery?

Phinelapha’s Cakery is a traditional-style bakery that makes everything from scratch and made-to-order. If you need something for an event, a birthday or maybe just a treat for yourself… I’ve got you covered.

How long have you been baking?

It’s been over 10 years. Baking is something that just came naturally to me.  I’ve always been told that I was good at it and should consider making it into a business, but I never took it seriously.  It wasn’t until I was in the kitchen in 2018 baking a cake that I had the epiphany that I could see myself doing this full-time and this is what I want to do. Baking and creating cakes brings me so much joy that I find myself dancing in the kitchen at times because I’m so happy. Cakes have become my canvas.

Do you bake full-time?

At the moment, I’m a home baker that still has a regular full-time job. I bake everything in my kitchen.

Who is Phinelapha?

Phinelapha was my great-great aunt who passed at 93 in April 2019, but everyone called her Penny.  I’ve always loved her name because it was different. So when I was trying to decide on what to call my business, I chose her name because it was different, it would stand out and to honor her.

Larissa J. Sykes

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