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Just because fondant isn't used, doesn't mean beautiful cakes can't be made.

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Peach cobbler poundcake

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red velvet cake

carrot cake

lemon cake

oreo cheesecake

german chocolate

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Have an idea or request? A birthday or event coming up? A flavor combination you would like to try? Fill out the custom order form and let’s see what we can create.

What The Customers Are Saying

"This is the best red velvet cake I've ever had. It was very moist and not dry at all."
Jason Watkins
"Absolutely delicious. I just kept saying, I think I'll have one more piece."
Karen Williams
"Thank you for the cakes, they were delicious. I loved the caramel icing."
Tiffany Jones
"Everyone loved your cakes at Thanksgiving. I had to cut a piece of carrot cake and hide it."
Kenisha Rogers
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